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Monday, July 5, 2010

A Redesigned Boston City Hall

The Boston Globe recently featured ideas from readers for a few ditched projects around Boston, including the idea abandoned by Mayor Menino of demolishing and rebuilding City Hall.

Cambridge resident Aaron Helfand rendered a new Boston City Hall. "I think Boston does need a new city hall, and I think it should be built on the site of the current City Hall Plaza, in the heart of the city," he said in an e-mail to Boston.com. Aaron recently graduated from the architecture school at Notre Dame, one of only three or four in the country with a classical curriculum.

This illustration depicts the west and south elevations of Helfand's proposal.
Helfand, who completed University of Notre Dame's graduate architecture program in May, used these renderings for his senior thesis. This interior detail shows a reception room.

"With my project, I have attempted to figure out why the current City Hall and its plaza are as unpopular as they are and to offer an alternate vision, one which will create a lively public plaza, defined by inventive architecture that builds on Boston's rich architectural traditions," he said.

"Most importantly, I sought to design buildings that would last, since this is one of the most important requirements of sustainability in architecture," Helfand said in his e-mail. This image shows more details from Helfand's rendering.

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  1. Looks good... good eye for detail. Will have a successful career!


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