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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

...from the "Screw The City" file

[Parkway Gate by Ian Simpson Architects, 2008 | image source]

"In Manchester England Parkway Gate by Ian Simpson Architects. Three towers for student housing exhibit similar forms and facade patterns, but each uses different materials in the solid areas to create a unique identity for each and for variety on the skyline. Not surprisingly the Cor-ten-clad tower exudes a particularly strong presence, especially when it is reflected in the glass of the other towers." 

from A Daily Dose of Architecture, Sunday, October 11, 2009.

Come on people!! These rusty buildings may look "cool", but they meet the city at street level with a THUD. There is absolutely no relationship to the living city, except from a high speed vehicle on the highway. Buildings like this are destroying our cities. Along with the opportunity to create such buildings comes a responsibility to respect the fabric in which they are located. Remember, these were created for use by human beings... They don't have any kind of human scale to relate to. However the ego scale is HUGE!

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