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Monday, July 12, 2010

Modern Faves: The Open Ended Box

Today we are exploring in photo-montage the ubiquitous Modern Architecture element:  

The Open Ended Box.

Some may say it is a reference to early cave dwelling and has a deep seated existence in our unconscious mind. Some say the environment is participating in the architecture by being the "fourth wall". Some say it is the culmination of a "journey" through it to a framed view in the distance, or a view capturing device.  Some may even say it  is aimed at man's hopes and dreams for the future.

Whether on the ground or raised up; singly placed or stacked in mock nonchalance; no matter how beautifully described by written word, we can't get enough of it.... drum roll please, I give you:

The Modern Open Ended Box! (or MOEB in the biz.)

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