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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Sustainable Urbanism Summit - CNU New England

The New England Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism is proud to be hosting the Sustainable Urbanism Summit on March 17 & 18 in New Haven, Connecticut.

Throughout the chapter's history we have focused on improving the built and natural environment throughout New England. After many years of advocacy and design guidance, we recognize that NOW is a critical time for our region to work together to address our environmental and urban crisis. The Sustainable Urbanism Summit is an opportunity to inspire and connect a group of professionals, public servants, academics and citizens, who together can seed a larger campaign. Innovative thinking about our built and natural environment is needed. If we are to adapt to these uncertain times we must come together swiftly and advance the best ideas for combating our climate crisis and plan for a better, more resilient way of life in New England.

The Summit will address our current environmental, social, and economic issues as they apply to New England. As a group, we will seek to develop new strategies for responsible development in our region. The Summit will provide a platform for speakers and attendees to collaborate on a pragmatic plan to move New England into a new era of progress. Critical discussion topics include the implementation of low-impact infill development and the preservation of natural open space, the reclamation of streets as social spaces, improved mobility and the promotion of healthier lifestyles. Working sessions will explore approaches for providing access to alternative modes of transportation, augmenting local agriculture, creating lifelong communities, and reforming policy related to land use.
Registration for the Sustainable Urbanism Summit, on March 17 - 18 in New Haven, Connecticut, is now open. The Summit will bring together leaders from across New England who are involved in shaping our built and natural environment.  The program of the Summit will provide an opportunity for people to share innovative ideas and seed a larger campaign for moving forward a sustainable land use agenda.  As our economy resets, now is a critical time to lay the groundwork for creating the types of places in which we all want to live and work. 

On Thursday, March 17, Robert Orr will lead the group on a tour of New Haven, a city rich in history and diversity. That evening, Doug Farr and Dhiru Dhadani ( 2011 Seaside Prize Winner) will present a keynote address followed by the Urbanism Awards during a cocktail hour at BAR.  Friday will feature a talented and engaging line-up of speakers who will also take part in the interactive group discussions on Friday afternoon. Multiple technology platforms will be used as a way to capture ideas, maintain connections, and help move forward initiatives identified by speakers and participants.
Please take a look at the Summit website, and pass on this information to other talented people who you think should be a part of this timely dialogue.

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